About Us

At The Big Red Shed we are all about Recycled Australian hardwoods. For over 3 decades we have been supplying discerning buyers with products of great beauty and durability. We specialise in salvaging structures of historical interest with a view to giving another life to yesteryear’s timbers.

At our Darra sawmill, we re-mill these old timbers into many different items, offering you a wide range of unique products for your commercial or residential application. Posts & Beams, Timber Cladding, hand-crafted furniture, solid timber flooring to name just a few. Our hand-dressed timbers adourn many exclusive venues in cities all along the eastern seaboard.

We are specialists in the field of –

Recycled timbers – Beauty, Durabillity, Sustainability.

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Please phone 07 3279 0911 or 0423 219 199