Posts and Beams

Recycled timber posts and beams – 100×100, 200×200, 300×300 are hand-dressed to maximise their beauty and characteristics. They form a “wow factor” that cannot be equalled.

From time to time salvaged posts and beams from wool stores, bridges, cattle yards become available …these recycled hardwood timbers have natural, environmental characteristics that cannot be equalled. Genuine, recycled timber posts – their beauty and patina can only come with age. We source only Australian hardwoods: Iron Bark, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt – tried and tested over generations. There is nothing more beautiful than Recycled Hardwood timber posts.

Add a stunning entry to your home featuring Australian Recycled hardwood timber posts and beams.

Pergola (the Australian version of the “bali hut”). See our wide thick decking, hand dressed with our famous wire-brush technique. Finish the pergola off with a hand-rail wide enough for those drinks and plates. We can help you create a really unique, beautiful pergola – a truly Australian touch – with our recycled timber posts, recycled timber decking, and recycled timber hand rails. Recycled timber pergolas – add some history to your home with recycled timbers. Recycled timbers – not just the green choice, but an astute investment for the thoughtful buyer.